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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rightwing Cognative Dissonance, the Trump Addition.

I will be brief.  Cognitive dissonance is not just an ailment on the left anymore; it is in full effect on the right this election year. We have endured cycle, after cycle of the establishment right continuously selling the same old saw, we need to back the  “Most conservative with a chance to win.” It’s why the electorate on the right habitually tosses aside the good candidates for the status quo candidates, Like McCain and Romney.

Neither of these fellows had plans, particularly when it comes to tax reform, on a scale large enough to actually improve things. Nor, by the way did either candidate actually win.

If you fix the tax system in America and install either a flat tax in the style advocated by Senator Cruz, or even better the FairTax—The false narrative of immigration as the most critical concern becomes irrelevant. Every candidate on the right wants secure borders, I repeat, all of them.

The important candidates did not harp on the issue, because it is prima facie—Trump latched on to that particular concern after reading Ann Coulter’s book “Adios, America!” and recognized it as the mindless red meat issue most likely to appeal to the low information voter on the right. Just as “Make America Great Again” is the pseudo rightwing version of the equally vacuous “Hope and Change” still beguiling Democrat voters, especially black ones, as they continue to wallow in the mess the Democrat party perpetuates wherever they are given sway.

Donald Trump has the weakest tax plan in the group followed closely by Marco Rubio—It will be business as usual if Trump were in fact able to stumble into the White House and the establishment left and right know it. If you get Tax reform right, who cares how many people immigrate to America? There will be more jobs than the nation will know what to do with. Trump and his followers are so filled with misguided rage they can’t see it.

That being said, the Trump supporter has forgotten the establishment’s best chance to win scenario—They are so apoplectic over the idea of a possible Hillary or Bernie presidency, they miss the fact Trump in almost none of the national polls defeats either of them.  Polls of course are only accurate to a Trump supporter if they show their guy throttling his opponents, so… They dismiss facts in favor of their own reality… just like democrat voters.

The leftist controlled media and Super PACS are straining in the slips in anticipation of unleashing an endless torrent of folks Trump has bilked out of their hard earned money, they shall become like household names soon enough in the general election. The democrat party plays to win, no gentlemen amongst them.

Now as to the right wing DC centric establishment, cognitive dissonance manifests thusly. The fellow who it seems has the best chance to bring down the Trump parade and incidentally defeats Hillary and Bernie regularly in the polls is Ted Cruz.

Yet the establishment hates Ted Cruz even more than they hate Trump the dealmaker—Why do they hate Cruz? He had the audacity to actually come to the District and busy himself with doing the things, or at least attempted to do the things he promised and was elected to fulfill. Ted Cruz makes the establishment look really, really bad—So they prefer the idea of backing the more conciliatory Rubio instead another dealmaker like Trump promises to be. Even though according to the polls, we actually have a true conservative in Ted Cruz meeting the mythical standard, (According to the polls that is) of “Best chance to win,” while actually exciting the grass roots thinking voter.

I look at the party I have chosen to align myself with and I see a group as mercurial as Donald Trump's ever shifting positions. I am reminded of an oft-repeated bit of Scripture: “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8 I dare say this petit divine wisdom applies no less to political parties.

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