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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Apoplectic Black Man!

While going through some of my older articles with an eye toward compiling a book, I found my second attempt at leaving a comment on a website called “The Grio,” subtitled: “Our lives...Our World...Our Stories.

I can’t remember what article drew such a visceral response from me.  But what I do know is the comment section was moderated and what I wrote never saw the light of day. Omitting comments speaks directly to liberal cowardice. Never once has a comment been omitted from my personal website, Digital Publius. I believe I have the courage of my convictions and the ability to defend my positions.

Omitting comments appears to be a standard operating procedure for a great many liberal blogs. Leftists love to troll conservative blogs and spew invectives, yelling “Hater!” -- But the same people are not as forthcoming in their own territory. If an argument, steeped in logic and evidential in nature is posted, generally it doesn’t make the cut. Liberals will, however, allow the stupid right winger who calls the President some derogatory epithet; because they can point their fingers and say; “you see, all right wingers are racists”.

Even if you believe that Obama was an Islamic jihadi spice merchant before becoming President, do us who prefer more cogent arguments a favor and keep it to yourselves. It's enough battling the fools on the left without having to explain the tedious fools on the right.

It's tragic a Black site proved to be so unwelcoming to a Black perspective that challenges the lock step opinion of their site. That being said, here is the rather fervent comment, with a few paragraphs added to make it more relevant, six months later:

Let’s try it again! Reading these comments makes me sad. My people are truly ill informed, brain washed, empty headed fools! It is no wonder we fail to progress, your thinking is so shallow and without wisdom and maturity.

You follow the same voices that lead you further and further down. You vote for the same lackwits who are the lackeys of the MOST VIRULENT racists this nation has ever produced. You don't even recognize they have you thinking you are incapable of doing things without their aid.

The white liberals you follow think of you as children. How can they consider you equals when they feel they have to advocate for you always, after more than a century and a half? How can you feel like an equal when they are constantly telling you that you need their help? Your pride is not even your own!

There have been God only knows how many Black men and Black women who have fought for this country beginning with the Revolutionary War and the death of Crispus Attucks. They did so because they believed in the dream of an ideal country, in the promise of this nation, even when they knew they themselves may never benefit directly.

They believed one day that promise would be true for all and it was worth their sacrifice. Yet you celebrate a culture that is intrinsically not even your own, You call this website “ The Grio”, if you have to define Grio  under your masthead for the people you attempt to serve, then it is not a part of your culture. You are in fact longing for a culture that you may or may not have descended from, but it is not YOUR culture. You can try to co-opt it, but it is still not yours.

Of course Black people have suffered horrible abuse in this country; we have born a million indignities and the most violent cruelty imaginable. Many people in this country have fought desperately to ensure that all do not receive the blessings of the promise America represents. But that does not make the promise unworthy or invalid.

When you vote and place your trust in the hands of the pig-ignorant fools who tirelessly work to "Change" those ideals and ideas to something other than what was established by the wise yet sometimes flawed founders of this nation, you spit in the eyes of all those Black patriots who gave their lives serving in the 1st Rhode Island Regiment, the 54th Massachusetts, the 9th, 10th, 24th, and 25th Cavalry, The Tuskegee Airmen.

You make their dream a foolish thing. Martin Luther King, Jr., said it himself, "I may not get there with you..." But he gave his life for that promise too. Your racist liberal masters have you thinking only the white man can apprehend that dream, so it is evil. We need to change the dream to some nebulous Marxist European simulacrum. A place where you are once again a slave, this time to a feudal state; leaching the soul out of the individual, as it provides for the serf who exists only to sustain it. Your liberal masters would have you serve an ever expanding and intrusive government.

When thinking people point out that government is overstepping its purposes--Liberals counter with “the government is the people”. They can say this with a straight face as the left leading our nation today disregards the will of the people at every turn.

You turn a blind eye when Obamacare passes despite opposition to the plan by (depending on the poll at least) 55% of Americans. Two states have already brought suits against Obamacare, with the Attorney Generals of 13 others waiting in the wings and even more with their fingers in the wind.

Are the people governing when 65- 70% of Americans approve of the Arizona Immigration measures? Yet your liberal government dispatches your Attorney General to spend the tax payers money in a frivolous lawsuit against a state's sovereign right to pass laws to protect it’s citizens. Only La Raza can dig up poll results in contradiction.

I have been Black all of my life, I thank God for the liberation one finds only in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. The only Granter of true liberty and no respecter of persons, or of race, Christ is the true issuer of the American promise, the inspiration of this nation.

As a Black man in America I have done everything I have ever wanted to do. I teach my children they will succeed based on their own energy and desire. And they can do it without sucking on the teat of some quasi-African village or liberal socialist collective.

If their ideas are good and they work hard, others will buy into their dream as well and they will thrive. Even some of you using the term "Uncle Tom" screams out the depth of your self hating stupidity, you don't even understand the role that book played in procuring your freedom. 

It is my prayer you chumps wake up and recognize the only ones keeping you down are your victimhood selling liberal masters and yourselves, before it is ultimately too late.

Digital Publius

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