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Friday, March 18, 2011

My People, My People!

In my last article “What Would Digital Publius Do?”, I make the simple point; if the 
Holy Bible were tampered with as so many anti-Christ opponents of God’s will maintain,
 the people responsible for the alleged malfeasance did a poor job of it. All of the 
tiresome things God put in place in His Word to restrain man from exploiting his fellow
man remain intact.

Indeed, the truth of the matter is, if one seeks to use Christianity as a medium for
 subjugation, you’ll find the unmolested Holy Bible a poor ally in the pursuit.

I assert in “What Would Digital Publius Do?”:

“No, my friends, when man seeks to usurp the Living Word of God, man does it from the 
outside, by casting aspersions upon the Holy Bible and placing human wisdom above
 what was revealed to man in Scripture. You don’t change God’s Word, you reject it!”

Hold on to your proverbial hats, gentles; I could not have wished for a better example
 of my thesis made manifest than Lawrence O’Donnell’s recent rant against Fox News
 commentators Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck! This video has to be seen to be believed!

“A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.” Proverbs 14:6:

Lawrence O’Donnell was chosen by MSNBC to replace the equally half baked and
exceedingly unwise Keith Olbermann as purveyor of all things secular and pig ignorant.
O’Donnell joins a lineup rife with Maddows and Schultzes who have nothing but disdain
for Christianity and everything wholesome and lovely.

That O’Donnell attempts to intimate Beck meant to suggest the happenings in
Japan literally are a part of the end of the world ontologically, suggesting Beck thinks we are
in the midst of Armageddon, is of course specious and purposely misleading. Though Beck is a Mormon, O'Donnell makes no distinctions and is unabashedly attacking Christians and the Christian faith.

This drives me headlong into the subject of this article and a question which is the goad
that keeps me writing Digital Publius: "My people, my people, how long will you ally yourself with the ungodly?"

I began Digital Publius in March of 2008 out of frustration and utter bewilderment as I
watched the people in my church celebrating the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama
for President of the United States. Everything Obama stands for and stood for then,
was expressly against the precepts of the God we gathered together on Sundays to

Obama is wrong on spiritual issues like gay marriage and abortion. As I illustrated in my article “Comrade God?,” from a Scriptural perspective, Obama is also wrong on social issues. Moreover, when it comes to economics, he is enamored with the same socialist paradigm still failing everywhere it has ever been implemented.

The earlier Digital Publius articles were sent directly to an email list of my fellow church
members. It was my intent to spark discussion and to perhaps get people to look at
the election with the mind of Christ as believers should do with all things. This is best
accomplished by comparing what a candidate stands for with the precepts of God.

What I got was a bunch of people I really care about asking me to take them off my email list.

There is a disconnect when it comes to Black Christians and their ability to discern the
ungodly nature of the Democrat Party. Indeed, there is a disconnect between Black
people in general when it comes to recognizing the great harm that liberalism and the
secular humanist agenda advanced by the Democrat party has wrought in our communities.
Christians, however, ought to know better.

The truth of the matter is the only body of people who identify themselves as Christians voting for Democrats in any numbers, are Black Christians. If you are a Christian and you habitually vote for Democrats, regardless of race, you do so in spite of your faith!

Myself being a Black Christian I have the occasion to talk to other Black Christians every single day. Just last Friday I was talking to a group of ladies about the situation in Japan and one of them said:

“Well you know this is in the Bible don’t you...about the last days?”

What followed was a cacophony of "mm-hmms" and affirmations attesting to the truth 
of what the speaker had just said. The irony is every single one of them voted for 
Barack Obama and every Democrat directly preceding him.

Not long after, the subject of Fox News came up and they just as vehemently
denounced the station in favor of CNN and MSNBC! The incongruity lies in that they
agree with Glenn Beck but they never watch him and the stations they do watch are
openly hostile to what they believe at their very cores but they can’t see it.

They voted for the same guy that O’Donnell voted for. The same O’Donnell who openly
said on his show as aired by the MSNBC network, the Book they believe in is fiction
and the God they worship if they believe the Book of Revelation is a true testament of
what is to come, is a “ truly vicious God, a malicious torturer and mass murderer”.

Black folks don’t get it, despite the President’s profession of Christian faith, Christians
don’t “grapple” with issues God speaks plainly to. You either believe or you don’t! The
Holy Bible is a whole and you have to accept it wholly.

If you cannot accept the totality of God’s revelation, you are not a Christian; you are
something else entirely, and that’s okay! Be what you want, just don’t equivocate. You
cannot pick and chose the sayings of the Bible à la carte; you have to recognize, by
definition, Christians believe the Holy Bible is true. All of it!

Almost daily, I hear Black folks say, “We are in the last days!” --The last days as defined by the Holy Bible in books like Daniel, Jude and, yes, the Revelation of John, to name a few. Yet they vote for the same people who often ridicule what they believe, made manifest by President Obama’s statements lamenting the Pennsylvanians who find comfort in “clinging” to their religion.

Liberal Democrat candidates, championed by people who openly mock the Christian faith as a matter of course which was displayed by Lawrence O’Donnell’s rather tragic, nay, embarrassing appeal for more watchers. Where is the outrage professing Christians should feel towards MSNBC for employing a man who mocks the faith the overwhelming majority of Americans claim as their own.

Ask yourself what would be the repercussions if a Fox Host mocked the Qur’an and the god of Islam in like manner? The liberal left would be clamoring for the Fox Host to be pilloried for all to see at Rockefeller Plaza, his home razed to the ground, his fields salted and the hoary heads of his esteemed elders spitted upon pikes.

In Friday's conversation, I mentioned Star Parker, Herman Cain, Allen West and 
Thomas Sowell. They were all unknown to the ladies I was talking with. I said this is because you watch CNN and MSNBC--Neither station is big on Black pundits and
 politicians beyond Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. You almost never see conservative
 Blacks opining on any news organization other than Fox.

Fox News consistently has more Black pundits from both sides of the political aisle. The
 point is; the Black folks I talk to sound more like Fox commentators sustaining and 
voting for conservative ideas than the folks you see on the other networks who support and vote for Democrats. The opinions on the right certainly jibe more often with Black
 Christian beliefs, nonetheless we vote for the left.

My Bible says “A double minded man [is] unstable in all his ways.” This is certainly the case in the Black community! Our loyalty is divided between God and the world. That division is demonstrated in the way we vote and subsequently in our communities when we reject the precepts of God and elect fools of a singular, ungodly liberal perspective for decade-after-decade as our communities putrefy at an accelerated pace.

We all struggle with sin in our lives, but as Christians we are to aspire to live Godly lives and to be “salt and light” in a fallen world. No one knows what is in a man’s heart, if we vote for a politician who says one thing to get our vote, then does another thing once he has procured that vote, shame on the politician.

My question to fellow Black Christians: How is it you get behind leaders who openly support sin, and scorn the wisdom of the God of the Holy Bible?

“Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.” Proverbs 14:9:

Digital Publius