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Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Lose More Friends That Way!

Until recently I was a facebook friend of someone named Jon King who runs a website called “Conscious Ape” and a weekly web radio show by the same name.

On Jon King’s facebook page he posted:

“‎"Finding Coca-Cola accused of murder is like finding out Santa Claus is a paedophile"

New book accuses Coca-Cola of murder, environmental destruction and contributing to child health problems...

The post linked to an interview with a fellow who confesses that he began to research the grievous human rights violations and sordid history of Coca-Cola after:

“I first heard about some of the allegations against Coke back in 2004 from activists at the Democratic National Convention.”

Frankly, I didn’t read the article, not until after I was removed from the illustrious company of Jon King’s facebook friends. I really only commented initially in jest, as I am myself a hapless Coca-Cola fiend. Even as I sit writing this, I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms as my Jones begins “coming down on me”!

The thread took an unceremoniously anti-semitic tone which after a while became impossible for me to ignore. I happen to be doing a great deal of research lately on Israel for an article, so I am positively bursting with books and info on this subject right now.

Here is the thread in it’s entirety without editing (Except the omission of last names excluding Jon and Myself) leading to my exile. It serves as an amazing illustration of a lack of tolerance for facts by leftists, analogous to the Bill O’Reilly, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg kerfuffle on The View this week.

David  Well, they also donate millions every year to Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians...and use private militias to take out union organizers in South America...

Chris  I prefer Pepsi myself. Much more refreshing, and it still has that Pepsi flavour I remember from the 60s. However Coca Cola no longer has the zest it used to have and now tastes bland. I would not drink Coca Cola out of principal, because of the way that the company completely changed the image of Father Christmas in 1900, making way for the mass exploitation of children. In this respect, Father Christmas iS a Paedophile.

David  Pepsi or Coke... Either way you lose your teeth... ! D

Chris  Too late for me there David, My teeth were destroyed by Jusoda, mars bars and crisps, the crisps that had the little blue wax paper wraps of salt to chuck away. I prefered mine unsalted same with the sun valley peanuts. As for fizzy drinks, my choice today. I stick with Jamaica Ginger Beer. Very refreshing if a little on the sweet side.

Chris  Half of Mexico City belongs to the Coca Cola Company. You can guess which half. They are disgusting.


Jon King Much of the funding for Israel is funnelled through the business empire of Muzi Wertheim, Chairman of Coca Cola Israel...

Hassan Nurullah ‎"Coke adds life!" "It's the real thing!" "Coke is it!" "Catch the wave!" Pepsi tastes like crap! I would marry Coca Cola if I could! And if they are funneling money to Israel, more’s the reason to buy more Coke!

Silviu Truth be told, even though I'm kinda of an Coca-Cola - please, do not understand that I'm some sort of 'Coke'... - addict, I tend to agree with the accusers: YES, the 'Coca-Cola' Co. is guilty not only of our addiction by putting that crap - Aspartame - into the mix, but also of sponsoring companies and events that have to do with the attroceous exploitation of animals! So, for these two reasons alone, it's a love - hate kind of relationship between myself, personally, and this "dream factory" of theirs.

(DP side bar: Uh, aspartame didn’t hit the market until 1974, it is an artificial sweetner with zero addictive properties.)

Silviu  ‎@ Hassan Narullah: Indeed, Sionists have their business with 'Coca-Cola', that's a fact... I don't like Sionism, even though some of my family's members have reasons to believe we are part (= quart) Jews. Yes... just as (non-)Arabs have their own immitations of this company's products. To name a few: 'Mecca-Cola' (c'mon!..), 'Arab-Cola', 'Qibla-Cola', and, last but not least,.. 'Zam-Zam Cola'! 'Zam-Zam'?! :-) And I think I remember a '7-up' immitation, as well, but I forgot its name. Anyway, 2% for freeing Palestine, right? Or should I say... for arming the *murderers* who bomb school-buses and schools altogether? :-) Me, a Sionist? Why so? Because I blow the wistle, as they say, on the (non-) Arab VENAL HATERED? I can do that very well with the Israeli one, as well. :-) Clear your head straight!

Silviu  ‎* (non-)Arab = not everyone must be Arab to be converted to Islam, be it Mahomedan or not.

Chris  The State of Isreal has no right to be there in the first place. It is an anachronism in the modern world and should be the first to be reassembled. The fucking trouble it causes. A state that has so much power, yet trains its armed forces to pick off the children of the indiginous peoples on their way to school with snipers can go to hell. They represent Evil incarnate. Such utter self righteous Arrogence.

Chris  Coca Cola or Coke as it used to be called in the 60's. (The old embossed Glass bottles used to have Coca Cola embossed into one side of the glass and Coke embossed into the other side, or printed on the tins)
Had a small amount of Cocaine as one of the secret ingredients. Same with Pepsi Cola. This was before the missuse of drugs act came out in 1971. Hence the adverts, "Things go better with Coke" and "Come Alive, your in the Pepsi Generation". Anyone who is in the manufacture of arms or uses peoples want of simple creature comforts to further the proliferation of arms, has quite obviously created a very special need for the existence of Satan in their lives. Hell being the end product of their endeavours.

Jon King Seems like whatever they put in Coke has had its desired effect on you, then, Hassan...

Hassan Nurullah Chris you seem to have no understanding of the history of Israel. There is no such thing as a Palestine or a Palestinian for that matter. Palestine is a complete fabrication brought to you by the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

Hadrian's relentless Jewish oppression sparked the second Jewish rebellion, The aftermath was close to 600,000 Jews dead, Some 50 Towns and almost a 1000 villages razed. Hadrian attempted to wipe the entire Jewish religion and culture from the face of the earth.

After putting down the rebellion, Hadrian renamed Israel Palestine, after the Philistines the Jews ancient and extinct enemy.

Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist puts it best:

“Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”
“We did not particularly mind Jordanian rule. The teaching of the destruction of Israel was a definite part of the curriculum, but we considered ourselves Jordanian until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then all of the sudden we were Palestinians - they removed the star from the Jordanian flag and all at once we had a Palestinian flag”.
“When I finally realized the lies and myths I was taught, it is my duty as a righteous person to speak out”.

The original inhabitants of Israel were the Canaanites. In fact, the original name of Israel was "The Land of Canaan". After the Exodus and the Jewish settlement in Canaan, there were wars fought between the Jews and Canaanites. The Canaanites through war and inter-marriage became absorbed into Israel. So the only people who can claim to have Canaanite blood in reality are Israelis.

The one thing that the modern day Palestinian and the Philistines they were named after have in common, is that they are invaders. Philistine, is not an ethnic nomenclature but rather an adjective applied to them, which means invaders or penetrators.

“The Philistines were a confederation of non-Semitic peoples coming from Crete, the Aegean Islands and Asia Minor, also known as the "Sea Peoples". The main tribes were Tzekelesh, Shardana, Akhaiusha, Danauna, Tzakara, Masa or Meshwesh, Lukki, Dardana, Tursha, Keshesh or Karkisha, Labu and Irven.

The original homeland of the group that ruled the Philistine federation, namely the "Pelesati", was the island of Crete. When the Minoic civilization collapsed, also the Minoic culture disappeared from Crete, as invaders from Greece took control of the island. These ancient Cretans arrived in Southern Canaan and were known as "Pelestim and Keretim" by Hebrews and Canaanites (that became allied to fight the invaders).

Their first settlement seems to have been Gaza, whose original name was "Minoah", a clear reference to the fallen Minoic kingdom. They also invaded Egypt and were defeated by Pharaoh Ramses III in the 12th century BC. The Philistines were organized in city-states, the most important, Pentapolis: Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gath and Ekron, and their territory was close to the Mediterranean coast, a little longer and broader than the present-day "Gaza Strip" - never all of Judah, they never reached Hebron, Jerusalem or Jericho!

Those Sea Peoples that invaded Egypt were expelled towards other Mediterranean lands and did not evolve into any Arab people, but disappeared as distinguishable groups in Roman times. Those dwelling in Canaan were defeated by King David and reduced to insignificance, the best warriors among them were chosen as David's bodyguard. The remaining Philistines still dwelling in Gaza were subdued by Sargon II of Assyria and after that time, they disappeared definitively from history. They are no longer mentioned since the return of the Jewish exiles from Babylon.

Conclusion: there is not one single person in the world who may be able to prove Philistine lineage, yet, if Palestinians insist, they have to recognize themselves as invaders in Israel, and then they must ask Greece to return them back the Isle of Crete! The Philistines are extinct and claims to alleged links with them are utterly false as they are historically impossible to establish. In any case, claiming a Philistine heritage is silly because it cannot legitimate any land in which they were foreign occupants and not native dwellers.

Philistines were not Arabs, and the only feature in common between both peoples is that in Israel they should be regarded as invaders, Philistines from the sea and Arabs from the wilderness. They do not want Jerusalem because it is their city, which it is not and never has been, they simply want to take her from the Jews, to whom she has belonged for three thousand years. The Philistines wanted to take from the Israelites the Holy Ark of the Covenant, modern so-called Palestinians want to take from them the Holy City of the Covenant.

The Palestinians: No, they are not an ancient people. They were born in a single day, after a war that lasted six days in 1967. If they were true Canaanites, they would speak Hebrew and demand from Syria to give them back their occupied homeland in Lebanon, but they are not. If they were Philistines, they would claim back the Isle of Crete from Greece and would recognize that they have nothing to do with the Land of Israel.”  – Myths, Hypotheses and Facts Concerning the Origin of Peoples

I don't know what god you serve or if you have a god at all Chris, but the God of the Holy Bible says this about Israel:

"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." Genesis 12:3

This is certainly true, as Christ Himself is the fulfillment of that promise.

As for the rest of your nonsense, there has not been Cocaine in Coca-Cola since 1903. Only spent coca leaves have been used in the formula for Coke for over 100 years.

Jon King Wow. That Coke really has played strange tricks on your mind, Hassan. The 'God of the Holy Bible'? Oh, dear...

Hassan Nurullah Whether you believe in God or not Jon has no relevance to the historicity of Jewish claims on Israel and the spurious nature of the Palestinian concept, or Chris' demonstrably poor scholarship and arguments on all points.

Jon King Goodbye, Hassan...

I was thus summarily dispatched from Jon King’s friends list.

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