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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Groomed To Fail

For all of you who voted for Barack Obama, you are to blame for the President’s failure. Someone should have risen up and been the adult. Someone should have said “Barack, we appreciate your enthusiasm, but it is not yet your time.”

Alas, this is not what happened and, as is often the case when someone takes on a responsibility they are not yet equipped to handle, others more properly equipped are burdened with sorting out the aftermath.

It is obvious from the President’s campaign rhetoric that the man lacks the wisdom to understand why the majority of the American people, the same people who elected him, are not receptive to his message. He seems genuinely bemused by the backlash he and his party are now facing. Obama doesn’t get that “We the People” understand what he is trying to get across.  However, it’s just not what we want to hear.

Mr. President, we get it! Americans can see that you and your Democratic Congressional cohorts have accomplished a great deal in the first half of your presidency. Congratulations!  However, the nation is saying, “Mr. President, you just haven’t accomplished what you were elected to do.”

On more than one occasion, I’ve stated that the Democrats won the majorities in the upper and lower chambers because of anti-war fatigue. During the political discourse leading up to the 2006 elections there was no talk of an ailing economy. At that time, the nation was enjoying six straight years of uninterrupted economic growth with average unemployment, over those years, at a nostalgic 5.2%.

President Bush spent money like a drunken sailor; it seems Bush approved every debt expanding Ponzi scheme Congress set before him. Yet even President Bush could see the writing on the wall when it came to the Dems favorites Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. So despite constant warnings that Fannie and Freddie needed reigning in from Bush and the Republicans, the Dems maintained all was well.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi surge worked and suddenly there was nothing but good news on the war front. Positive war news resulted in no war news being reported, as the leftist media could not bring itself to report anything positive. A successful war effort presented a very dismal outlook for the liberals for the 2008 elections with the economy humming and positive war news. What to do, what to do?

Well the answer came with the collapse of Freddie and Fannie and through the magic of special effects. The resulting financial collapse became the Republicans fault and the result of failed economic policies of the president whose policies, up to that point, were stellar.

Bush forwarded a hideous bailout and the perfect storm needed to take the White House left tropical storm status and culminated into a full blown hurricane. Democrats take over everything with the promise of righting the countries financial ship of state.

The people have no jobs, “Rent is too damn high” and businesses are afraid to invest! Hey, remember how Bill and Hillary never could get that health reform thing done? Let’s do it. Hear us world. Nothing can stop us now! What about jobs? Health care man, our wind farms and green economy will put a soy chicken substitute in every pot.

The President was groomed for failure. Obama is a man who admittedly has a natural predilection for the type of economics that have never worked anywhere they have been tried. Obama himself said he is drawn to a Marxist perspective. Barack did not change stripes once elected, oh no, he appointed others who share a socialist worldview into the Cabinet and a cadre of czars.

The people ignored the fact that Obama had zero experience running anything. A two-year senator barely heard of save a lovely speech two years earlier, America ignored Obama’s questionable associations, which surely would have derailed the campaign of a less media besotted candidate. A rag tag list of Pinkos, domestic terrorists, cuckoo clerics and political strongmen all indicating that Barack Obama does indeed represent “change”.

Sociologically speaking, President Obama is the quintessential example of nurture over nature. All of the president’s associations, including his family, were wrong headed. Everything Obama learned was wrong, the poor guy never had a chance! The President and his associates claim to love America, but it is a version of America that exists only in the minds of America’s enemies.

This morning my friend and I were driving through the city of Detroit. Everywhere you looked was decay, lack and hopelessness. He and another friend were involved in buying and rehabilitating homes for rental in Detroit. With the recent housing collapse, they got out of the business. At one point a few years ago, my friend and his associate had some fifty homes and apartment buildings.

My friend told me that most of those homes they reconditioned, homes that had been reclaimed and believe me when I say it these dwellings were beautiful and back on the rolls producing not just a home for a family, but taxes. Almost all of the homes are either destroyed or worse than when first acquired.

Wondering aloud, my friend asked, “Where are these people going? You would think that with the loss of jobs the poorer neighborhoods would be growing, with more folks having to leave more affluent areas for less expensive housing, but that’s not happening.”

And then it hit me! Detroit is Cuba! Right here in the middle of the U.S. of A., Detroit is Cuba! Detroit may be the first city to experience not only white flight, but black flight as well. Detroit has been run under the auspices of socialist ideology by liberals since the election of Mayor Coleman Young.

What happens to socialist nations? People escape them! Most of the people I know, my contemporaries, have left the city for the suburbs. It used to be that Black folks moved to the closer Detroit subs, like Oak Park and Southfield/Lathrup Village. More and more are moving to the suburban hinterlands into places far, far, far from the city.

As we have found in the past, when socialism takes root, those with the means leave first. The poor, trapped without jobs immigrate to where the jobs are. The poorer areas are not growing as more people join the ranks of the poor because even the poor are leaving and going to cities and states where there are jobs that are not run like socialist enclaves.

The poverty-stricken may not understand the socio-political ideology responsible for their circumstances, but they are reacting nonetheless just as we find in the countries that are avowed socialist nations. Tragically, because most of the poor are taught politics and economics from people who think that their socialist ideas are correct; the needy have also been groomed to failure.  When they move to areas that are freer, the poor likely elect officials that have also embraced the ideologies that have ruined the urban areas as they move to the suburbs, eventually bringing them down as well.
This is what happens when you vote for a man because he makes you feel good.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

Things seldom go well when you act from feelings, God warns us about this and gives us a model to follow as Jeremiah 17 continues:

“I the LORD search the heart, [I] try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, [and] according to the fruit of his doings.” v10

God says not only does He search the heart, He tries the reigns, He looks at your mind and examines the fruit you bear.

Should we not do the same, especially when it comes to choosing our leaders? Obama told us all what he was going to do before he took office. What Obama was planning to do is in his books; it’s in his voting record. Barack even made known how he would lead spiritually. This is a man of enormous hubris and he has governed as such. Barack Obama hoping to forward the ideological fantasy of what he believes America should be in his pride has disregarded the will of the people and the spirit of this nation.

Let this be a lesson to us all.

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