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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Fink Who Sat By The Door

A bit past a year ago, the sycophantic/leftist media celebrated the ill-conceived bestowing of the hitherto prestigious Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama. The fledgling statesman winning the award seemed odd to everyone, save the most obsequious lickspittles chanting, “Yes we can” and “Hope” and “Change”!

It was plain to the sober minded, that the Nobel body acted with a bona fide stupidity, born of fanciful notions of a transformative new diplomatic era springing forth from Barack Obama’s bellybutton fully mature! All the naughty people and all our enemies awestruck by his native mightiness seeing the error of their ways stumbling over each other to join hands and summit, quaffing the wares of the trendiest micro brewery.

It was repeated ad nauseam by leftist punditry that Barack Obama  would recover the good will America enjoyed internationally that they felt the Bush administration squandered. How the left could possibly divine the Junior Senator from Illinois possessed such power, without the evidence of past diplomatic experience, is beyond my comprehension.

It certainly seems that to this point, the only people susceptible to Obama’s siren powers are left wing ideologues! The rest of the world seems indifferent. It appears that all of those outside of the U.S. who were besotted with the idea of a less “cowboy” like approach to diplomacy don’t have the influence in their respective nations to get their own leaders to play ball.

Well, the left is right! This is a new era of American diplomacy, one where for the first time, America operates from a position of weakness. We read in Der Spiegel:

"Never before in history has a superpower lost control of such vast amounts of such sensitive information -- data that can help paint a picture of the foundation upon which US foreign policy is built. Never before has the trust America's partners have in the country been as badly shaken. Now, their own personal views and policy recommendations have been made public -- as have America's true views of them."

I could never have fathomed something like this year’s WikiLeaks disclosures.  You would think the U.S. State department could have put the kibosh on this sort of thing back in March when the first group of truly damaging leaks was released. Hillary Clinton, Obama’s greatest rival for the Democratic nomination in 2008, is now running the State Department. Beginning with the Russian reset button debacle Mrs. Clinton has proven to be incompetent far beyond my expectations. If you remember - diplomacy was supposed to be Hillary’s strong suit, at least that was what she said.

Der Spiegel, the Guardian UK, and our home grown fifth column rag, The New York Times are all indicative of leftist ideology run amuck. The WikiLeaks disclosures would never have seen the light of day in a more patriotic era - at least not without someone swinging in the aftermath! By my reckoning, The Times actions constitute nothing less than treason.

As a nation America has had nationalism driven out of us--there are too many people now raised  with no sense of pride in what America has been to the world and what it means to be an American. The left now controls our children’s education and the modern media have reduced America’s role in world history to that of a recalcitrant bully.

There are more people now calling themselves Americans that have utter disdain for their own nation, than at any point in our history, this did not happen by accident. We have placed more emphasis on feelings than reason and reality. You have people teaching their children it is more important to follow their hearts than their brains, when the Creator of those children says:

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the above mentioned news entities are thinking with their hearts without regard for the very real people who will be effected by their wrongheaded actions. They follow a misguided dictum to an extreme like children incapable of seeing beyond the most basic ideas.

This is the same sort of heart-based decision-making that leads to nude scanning and the groping of airline travelers in our airports. Instead of using common sense to determine which people it would be wise to scrutinize more vigorously the TSA would rather subject my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bill (if you could get them on a plane) to a series of indignities in the name of not offending Syrian nationals.

The TSA spends time looking for bombs so they check everyone, even 10-year-old Timmy from Goose Lake, Iowa. Israel, surrounded by enemy states and the constant threat of terrorism, utilize their brains and are more interested in finding terrorists. Whether flying in or out of Israel, it will be an Israeli checking you out and they are looking at race, ethnicity, religion, dress and behavior. The Israeli’s have zero incidents and Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bill do not have to worry about having their bits and pieces handled.

Do you feel the love in this new era yet? Are we safer? Cowboy diplomacy is bad, yet, in less than two years of the dawning of the new diplomatic epoch, to appease Moscow, the Obama administration gave Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe the high hat by reneging on the missile defense shield treaty promised by the previous administration.

China is regulating our actions in the Yellow Sea as the Calender gets rolled back to 1950 in Korea. Israel, initially overwhelmingly supportive of the Obama Presidency now looks at the U.S. like something less than an honest broker as the administration pushes for more and more one sided compromises with the Palestinian Authority.

With the advent of the WikiLeaks disclosures the administration proved powerless to prevent despite hollow threats from our State Department, Pakistan is now more reticent. Germany, Kenya, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia all offended. Hillary Clinton is revealed to have ordered all manner of spying on even some of our staunchest allies, not a bad thing in and of itself, but the world is now reading our diplomatic memos so now they know that we know that they know.

All this as violence is escalating in Afghanistan, Cindy Sheehan and her Code Pink cohorts nowhere in sight. Is Cindy camping outside Obama’s Illinois residence as she used to do at Bush’s Crawford ranch? If she is, the cameras aren’t there to record it like they were on a regular basis during W’s time in office. I guess covering Cindy's Code Pink shenanigans was just politics.

We are creating our own insurgency right in our schools and on our television sets and movie screens. Our children are being fed a steady diet of misinformation and revisionism and taught to value feelings over thinking.  Those are not the attitudes that made America the strongest most giving and compassionate nation in the history of the world.

The left, so anti the things that make us great, faith in God, family, industry,  can’t fathom that it is the old ways that keep drawing people, filled with real “hope,” to our shores not idealistic views of an America that never existed and hopefully never will. Meanwhile, the progressives squat in the shadows at the gate, opening our doors a little wider to our enemies everyday.

Digital Publius