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Friday, February 18, 2011

Weird Politics!

Irish comedian Dylan Moran does a bit about Americans where he says something to the effect of “American imperialism is insidious!” He says that America targets some war-torn poverty stricken corner of the globe that has oil or chocolate or whatever it is we want, and all the natives get mad and begin to meet.

So they gather together in some bombed-out cafe or something to foment, “What are we going to do about the Yankee, American imperialist pig dogs? They come in here, they take our stuff...” Meanwhile — while these people are talking— America very, very gradually builds a Starbucks around them! They get addicted to lattes, lose the will to fight, and then they turn into Americans.

Apart from Moran’s bit being absolutely hilarious, the one thing he has manifestly right, is that once people get a taste of what a free nation has to offer, they generally want more. That is, with the possible exception of the American extreme left. Many liberals, who have the ability to have it all by virtue of being born in the freest nation on earth, would rather deconstruct the Starbucks and see America become a giant bombed-out cafe.

With the Middle Eastern nations tumbling like so many dominoes in an exhibition of alleged democratic fervor are squaring off against oppressive oligarchies and dictators, the American left seeks to hitch a ride on the bandwagon of civil unrest — not with an eye towards preserving or defending the democratic process responsible for making our republic the envy of the world, but in decidedly un-democratic displays of sore-headed defiance.

You have leftists calling for a renewal of hard left rhetoric, even resuscitating the Weather Underground’s halcyon call for “Days of Rage!”, calling for “an end to American capitalism and imperialism.”

All this while the truly oppressed Middle Easterners — who serve as the titular inspiration for the homegrown anti-American, capitalism eschewing extreme liberals — are unable to get their stories out via the state controlled media. So, they turned to Twitter, Facebook and other web-based communication media.

Web entities like Facebook and Twitter, even foreign grown applications like Skype, indeed the very internet itself, would not exist apart from the Yankee capitalism the liberals hate. Not to mention the devices they use to access them. This fact seems to elude their mushy brains as the left uses the web with cheerful abandon to spread the word about their planned hissy fits.

It’s because they don’t think; the liberals are like toddlers who have no idea that mommy and daddy have to work to buy the juicy boxes they only take one sip out of before using the rest to make the sand red in their sandboxes. Unfortunately, these toddlers are trying to make the country red.

As the people in the Middle East rise up to have the right to put this issue or that to the vote, the Democrat Party obversely does all it can to ensure democracy doesn’t happen if it involves an issue they don’t like. Whether it’s states like California working to overturn or block passage of Defense of Marriage acts or school vouchers, state by state, they will work feverishly either not to vote or block anyone else from voting at all.

The 60’s radicals were born of a time of rebellion with heroes like James Dean and Marlon Brando representing a counter culture fueled by some of the most powerful voices in rock and roll history — causes born in the crucible of the civil rights movement and the conflicts in South East Asia. They rebelled against a society whose politicians may have danced the Lindy Hop, and most certainly danced to Boogie Woogie.

Today's politicians are often my age, as are those who foment unrest. We were born in the latter days of the Baby Boom, and the early days of Generation X. The MTV generation! So, it’s no wonder that many of my generation who enter politics are modern day rebels, viewing the world like a John Hughes film.

Case in point: The legislature in the state of Wisconsin was slated to vote on an anti-union bill Thursday, the 17th of February, aimed at ending unions' collective bargaining rights. This is a Republican sponsored bill! The Wisconsin Republicans enjoy a 19 seat majority in the 33 seat Senate, so the bill would pass with flying colors.

In Wisconsin, there can be no vote in the Senate unless there is at least one member present from the two parties. So what do the Democrats do? They pull a Ferris Bueller and take the day off!

Rather than take their medicine, the Democrats (tucked snuggly in the hip pocket of the unions) act like taciturn teenagers and disappear. In Wisconsin, they can compel a vote so the Democrat Senators not only didn’t show up, they literally left town — all 14 of them! In an effort to emulate their hero, they ended up at some resort in Illinois, Ferris’ home state.

There is not a lot of faith in democracy in the Democrat party! Real mature dude!

When things don’t go their way the Democrats would rather job the system like Ferris, which is in stark contrast to the conduct of the U.S. Congressional Republicans who defiantly stood for their principles and showed up to vote as the liberals gleefully slammed through Obamacare on a totally partisan vote.

In Hawaii, state Senator Sam Slom is the sole Republican in the 25 seat Hawaiian Senate. Every vote pretty much ends in a 24 to 1 decision, but Senator Slom shows up to cast that one vote. That is faith in the system!

The problem is, too many Democrats see Republicans as “Chet Donnelly”, Wyatt’s bully of a big brother in “Weird Science”, while seeing themselves as Breakfast Club member “John Bender” types, raging against everything and everyone, content to explain away immature, bad behavior because they had it tough. Ever on the prowl to subvert the good kids to bring them down to their level rather than rising to the level of the high acheivers.

The latter John Bender trait was indicative of the behavior displayed by some 1000 Madison Wisconsin School teachers who called in sick so they could join the protestors surrounding the state capitol to prevent the union vote. It’s all about the kids right? Well...except when they are trying to mess with my union.

Turns out that even though the students had no idea what they were protesting some of those teachers actually took students out of class to help in the protest. It seems some of these students were away from schools with teachers sans obligatory permission slips from parents. Your tax dollars at work?

Rest assured, if my kids were in that mob absent from school without my say so--it would not be pretty!

A message to the Democrat Party: in order to have democracy, you have to mix in some democracy, even when it doesn’t go your way. Otherwise, you may just want to go join the crowd the people are protesting against in Yemen, Bahrain and Egypt — they don’t want the people voting either!

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. I Corinthians 13:11

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